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            Surveillance Series Lens    
            Surveillance Series Lens
            Product Description:

            The products mainly include vari-focal lens, fixed focal lens, fisheye lens, block zoom lens, etc. by virtue of its profound technical precipitation in the optical field, it promotes the technological innovation of optical lens, and takes the lead in developing and launching 3MP, 5MP, 10 MP high-definition surveillance lens, which has greatly promoted the process of surveillance lens localization in China.

            Meanwhile, Ricom takes the advantage of vari-focal optical systems, has broken the monopoly position of foreign countries in the field of security lens and promote the "made in China" security lens to the world.

            Product Features:

            Fixed focal lens: large wide angle, high-definition image quality, simple operation and installation, strong practicability, high stability;

            Vari-focal Lens: Adopt high-definition infrared correction technology, and super high resolution design, to realize 24-hour intelligent focus, wide angle, and ensure all day high-definition resolution.
            Application scenarios 
            Finance, Internet of things, smart city, smart home, etc

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